World of Faith

Sixty-five percent of Americans say that religion is an important part of their daily lives. That is compared with just 30 percent of the French, 27 percent of the British and 24 percent of the Japanese.

Charles M. Blow from The New York Times used Gallup’s data to chart religiosity against gross domestic product per capita, and to group countries by their size and dominant religions. Spheres for each country are sized relative to their populations.


Big Dreams, Slim Odds: The Lottery Economy

Who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery one day? Even people who don’t play probably fantacize every now and then about becoming a millionaire overnight: something few things but the lottery can help you achieve.

There is, of course, an entity that profits from the lottery no matter what: the state in which it is administered. Though the majority of the money collected from the sale of lottery tickets does go back into the jackpot, states collect their share. To find out which states collect the most, how much the winners get to keep and other interesting lottery facts, see our latest infographic.