What Are Balls Made Of?

We all grow up around balls, and lots of them. Maybe you've thrown the "pig-skin" around with your pop every thanksgiving since you were old enough to participate. But we hope you won't be crushed when you find out that a football isn't made of "pig-skin." Given the lack of knowledge about the balls that so many of us enjoy, we decided to take it upon ourselves to find out just what our favorite balls are made of - including some fun surprises at the end. So, if you like balls, take a peek.

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The McFly Scheme: Time Travel Sports Betting

At one time or another we have all had the day dream about traveling back in time like Biff in Back To The Future 2 and betting on events you know the outcome of. The plan is simple, figure out some events you want to bet on, find out the final outcomes, find a time machine, and head back in time to place an enormous bet and then fly back to the future to enjoy your winnings and interest. Well its not that simple but you get the idea. Unfortunately that plan is incredibility flawed; minus the entire time travel concept. Don’t believe us? Check out the infographic below and see for yourself.

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Playing With Pain: Harmful Effects Of an NFL Football Career

The toughest part of an professional football career in the NFL is the stress it puts on the human body. Football players are more prone to dangerous ailments due to the severity of the injuries the receive from playing each week. Check out this infographic on the harmful effects of the career in the NFL.

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