Apple App Store Metrics

Stumble into Apple’s App Store and you are greeted with literally thousands of applications you can download for your iPhone. The reason is simple: in a world of constant mobility and interactivity, both smartphone and app markets have gone stratospheric.


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The iPad vs. The Tablet PCs in Healthcare

Here’s MobiHealthNews’ infographic charting the interest and opportunity for the iPad in healthcare. The infographic the fold is a distillation of some of the information found in their 25-page report answers: Where does the iPad fall short for healthcare? How are healthcare practitioners using the iPad today? What did the market outlook for healthcare tablets look like to industry watchers pre-iPad? Will health reform and stimulus money drive the tablet’s adoption in healthcare?


A History of Apple, From Inception To Today

Ever wonder how Apple Computer became the industry icon it is today?  How and why is it that a simple computer manufacturer could endear itself to its customer base so well that some researchers feel that Apple fans are not only just a cult but bordering on religion?  It's not hard to see why certain Apple products are revered so highly among customers, as Apple has been fortunate enough to quite literally revolutionize an entire product category itself more than once in recent history.

But where did it all begin?, let's start from Apple's beginning and take you through the present day, with this easily digestible infographic.