The History of the Cell Phone

It’s hard to imagine getting through one day without using a cell phone, especially since the device now doubles as a computer, planner and address book for many of us. But less than 40 years ago, the idea of a cell phone was just that–an idea. chronicle the technological innovations and improvements that have taken place in a few short decades to make the mobile phone the powerful machine that it is today.


Cellphone Recycling

How many cell phones have you owned so far? And how many more do you think you will buy? For many people, these numbers are large. The lifespan of a new phone is short and many old phones end up in landfills or just sitting around in junk drawers. There are many reasons and opportunities to recycle unwanted cell phones, however, very few people actually do it. When it’s time for your next upgrade, consider helping the environment by recycling, and you may also help a person in desperate need of a phone get one of their own.