Data Visualisation Competition – The Winners

6 weeks ago, teamed up with information designer, David McCandless launched a data visualisation competition with David McCandless.  The competition was based on some data that David had collected about the ethnicity of student attending elite universities in the UK. The winners has been announced.

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Here is the 1st Place Winner: Visualization made by Raphael Halloran.
Live interactive demo: live

Live interactive demo: live

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Latest Visualisation Contest: Win an iPad2

Topic: Visualize ethnic heritage, and socioeconomic background of black students attending different United Kingdom university system. There are no restrictions on the nature of the visualisation (video/static/interactive). For more details of the competition (click here).

Prize: Brand new iPad2 for the winner. And the top 3 will receive signed copies of ‘Information is Beautiful’ by David McCandless.
Deadline: 11pm GMT on Monday 20th June 2011.
Result: Winners will be announced by Monday 4th July 2011.

Competition rules: It is open to all countries except where local law prohibits (more rules here)
Dataset: Data collected by David McCandless, Guardian DataBlog post on Oxbridge Elitism and UCAS Annual Datasets (You are free to utilise any dataset, provided the sources are publicly available and appropriate citations are included in your entry.)

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"Create your own interactive map - Get started now -"

Fast Company: Inception Infographic Contest Winner

Rick Slusher, a graphic-designer based in New York, wins with a super elegant summary of the film contest conduct by

Rick's entry shows each character as a coloured line; the layers of dreams are depicted as concentric circles. Characters enter each dream level to the left. When they all start inhabiting one of the character's dreams, that character's color-coded line expands accordingly (to show that everyone is running around in his dream). As characters fall out of each dream sequence, they exit on the right of the chart. The concentric rings depict how time slows down in each layer of dream:


Fast Company: Inception Infographic Contest Runner-up

Last Sunday, ran out an Inception Infographic Contest, wherein they tasked to design an infographic that illustrated the film's complex twists, and its plots within plots.

But the contest ultimately came down to two entries: The winner, which we'll reveal tomorrow (it's worth the wait!) and the runner-up, pictured here and created by Adam Martin:


Design an Infographic for Haiti: Submissions - GOOD Blog

From Philip Mak:

From Stephane Bao:

From Chris Svetlik:

From Haik Avanian:

From Claire Kohler:

From Samuel Shor:

From Nieves Lopez:

From Vivian Ngo:

From Irinn Vinaiphat:

From Andy McClellan:


From Cassandra Salatas:

From Dipika Kohli:

From Emily Schwartzman:


Above, you will find the submissions received for their latest infographic contest, for which they asked every one to design an infographic about the earthquake in Haiti.