How You Access the World’s Biggest Dataset Using Think with Google

Every day, we are A/B tested, our behaviors logged, our clicks processed through algorithms, our locations turned into heatmaps; we are numbers to giant machines trying to understand our behaviors. What does all this data mean? What can it really tell us? Think with Google, a eloquent industry roundup of insights, trends and analysis, is trying to fill the gaps and share the vast dataset that is Google.

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Visualizes Google Search Queries from Around the World

Google launched a data visualization tool that presents search queries from all around the world called Search Globe, a new visual display representing one day of Google searches around the world—visualizing the curiosity of people around the globe.

This visualization was developed and designed by the Google Data Arts Team using WebGL, a new technology for modern browsers that uses your computer’s hardware to generate fast, 3D graphics. As a result, you need a WebGL-enabled browser.

Live demo:
Search Globe
(Click above link to see interactive graphics)


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Google Ngram Viewer Gauges Word Popularity Over Centuries

Google launched Ngram Viewer, an experiment to let lay users and researchers search and study the waxing and waning of phrase instances over 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 that Google has indexed in its cloud computing system. There's a whole community of Ngram collection going on over at

(Click above link to check your favourite word popularity)

Is Google a Monopoly? A Historical Perspective

Sure Google has 66% of the search market.  But what defines a monopoly, at least as far as the government is concerned, is shifting and interpretive set of criteria. Search isn’t steel, or oil. Monopolizing ‘finding stuff on the net’ can have a huge far reaching impact, as it operates as a gateway to information.

So is Google a monopoly? Have a look at a this infographic.


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