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The price of Apple's tablet computer, before sales tax, varies significantly between countries.

If you fly from Hong Kong to Frankfurt or Paris and look suspiciously like a gadget lover, chances are that you will be searched by customs officers: an iPad with Wi-Fi and 16 gigabytes of memory costs $200 less in the former British colony than in Germany and France. Given the risk of having to pay extra duty (and the price of the flight), potential iPad buyers in both countries ought to consider a trip to nearby Luxembourg, where Apple's popular device is $35 cheaper.

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Capzule PHR

Data visualization helps users to analyze and compare health data and events for any given period of time. Users may select from multiple sets of data and visualize in an interactive timeline format for easy browsing with finger swipes.

Capzule Introduces Interactive Time Line to Personal Health Data on iPad. It is also the first personal health record on the iPhone platform to allow editing from a PC over Wi-Fi, including the capability to upload files via a web browser. The Share feature has expanded to allow data transfer between iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices, making it easier to copy data to a family member's device, to an upgraded device, or to replicate in multiple devices. The most unique aspect of Capzule PHR is the ability for users to customize a personal set of health monitoring templates to record health conditions. These Flowsheets report a visual progress of health goals using points plotted on a graph.

Capzule PHR is available on the App Store for $4.99.

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The iPad vs. The Tablet PCs in Healthcare

Here’s MobiHealthNews’ infographic charting the interest and opportunity for the iPad in healthcare. The infographic the fold is a distillation of some of the information found in their 25-page report answers: Where does the iPad fall short for healthcare? How are healthcare practitioners using the iPad today? What did the market outlook for healthcare tablets look like to industry watchers pre-iPad? Will health reform and stimulus money drive the tablet’s adoption in healthcare?

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Meet iPad's Competition

This infographic was commissioned by Courrier Japon Magazine in Tokyo and based on the article "The iPad Changes Everything" originally published by Fortune Magazine. It illustrates the introduction of the iPad and how many devices in different markets are now finding themselves in direction competition to the power of the iPad and the Apps Store.