This is Dare. How Dare are you?

Dare is a marketing agency for a digital world. They build brands. And they've been doing it successfully for over ten years, working with amazing clients like Sainsbury's, Sony Ericsson, BMW and Vodafone.

This old school style "Kinetic Typography" is for their career in marketing. Their grad scheme is now open. If you're good - curious, creative, bold, enthusiastic and intelligent - and nice, they want you.

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Social Media in the New Event world

This guide is designed for anyone who is new to social media or looking to apply social media to their trade show or event marketing strategy. It provides an quick and interesting look at some of the most widely used tools and their application and effectiveness in today’s event world. Please enjoy and share your comments with us!


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The New Marketing Trifecta

In April 2010, eROI conducted a study of more than 500 marketers. The focus of the survey was two-fold: to determine the impact of mobile marketing in email and web marketing programs; and, identifying the importance and impact of social networks in relation to their email and web marketing efforts. The end result, according to eROI, was a better understanding of how marketers were using email, mobile and social, but also new ideas for better planning for and intergration of the available opportunities. decided to illustrate the most interesting of these findings in the graphic:


Why social media matters?

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to adequately describe to people in your organisation why social media actually matters. Not because of the results that can be achieved, but because of the complexity of interactions involved in creating the social following that can drive those results. When we tie social media activities into the core of our digital strategy, many organisations have experienced a ‘cycle of engagement’, driving greater outreach and more interactions with their marketing campaigns. wanted to put this into an infographic which encapsulates what is going on through tying in just a couple of social media channels.