Google Champion of Mobile Search

Google has been dominating the search engine market for years, but at least there are some competitors that have a few percent each.

But if you look at mobile search, i.e. search on mobile devices, which is more or less the smartphone market, Google is utterly crushing the competition to a level that it’s never managed in the regular search market.

Just look at this very telling chart, showing Google’s overall search and mobile search market shares in relation to those of Yahoo and Bing, its two closest rivals. (These are global stats.)


Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Digital Coupons

Mobile is firmly establishing itself as a crucial advertising channel, and the companies who aren’t utilizing it look set to be left behind. More than two thirds of the population are in possession of a mobile phone, and it’s obvious to see why the direct nature of mobile advertising is so appealing to businesses.


The State of Wireless Satisfaction in the US

Virtually everyone has a cell phone and wireless plan. The difference in the number of dropped calls and cell phone reception can depend on many factors, including location and the wireless carrier. A recent survey of wireless customers pulled back the curtain on which wireless carriers are making their customers the happiest and which ones could stand to do a bit better if they expect customer loyalty and the profits that come with it.

Popular Cell Network Operators in the Americas

While you may have a limited choice of cell phone carriers in your neighborhood, there are many popular cell network operators in the Americas that you may have never heard of before. None of the four major players in the US cell phone carrier market have a massive reach outside the US, but Burmuda-based Digicel has spread itself to dozens of countries and is the most prolific cell phone carrier of the Americas.