Where the Stuff on the Internet Comes From?

via www.good.is

Every day, thousands of stories are passed around the internet on blogs and via Twitter. A new study by Journalism.org has examined the source of those stories. It turns out, most of them come from old-school media. We may like to share information via Twitter, but the information we share comes from the morning's newspaper. This is a look at where blogs and Twitter users are getting their stories, and what kind of stories their users are most likely to link to.

Which News Sites Are the Most Shared?

When it comes online news publications, not all sites are equal. At least not with regards to user engagement and share-ability. According to Backtype (who kindly provided the data), the following ten sites are the ‘most shared’ news sites online. The graphic illustrates how the sites are shared, who their biggest influencers are (via twitter), and what stories are being shared the most: