How Does the Flux Capacitor Work?

The term "flux capacitor" has been a buzz-word used to replace any random gizmo ever since your favorite cult-classic film Back To The Future graced us in 1985. But most of us use it without a damn clue of how the device actually works. To clear the air, thought they might give you some insight into how the legendary device makes time travel possible.


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Expendable vs. Important Roles

With the release of The Expendables this week, children of the 80s have many reasons to celebrate. Some of "our generation's" greatest action heroes are returning to the big screen. Not only that, they're bringing with them the kind of action that made us want to be them in the first place. Good old fashion action - the kind with machine guns with grenade launchers attached - the kind with limbs blowing off - the kind with Dolph Lundgren!

With all the stars in this movie, wanted to look at each Expendable's career highs and lows - because for every First Blood, there's a Judge Dredd...


Head-to-Head: Netflix vs. Redbox

What is the future of your entertainment consumption? We know movie theaters aren’t going anywhere despite how awful 3D is and the mounting ticket prices, but what about movie rentals and online streaming? To give you an idea, we are comparing two of the biggest players in movie rentals to help you decide which option is more worth the money.


The Christopher Nolan Flowchart: What movie are you watching?

Christopher Nolan has directed only seven feature films, but it feels like he’s made more. That’s because all of his films– the indie thrillers Following and Memento, the moral-corrosion duet of Insomnia and The Prestige, the genre-redefining Batman films, and the Inception — are all constructed to reward (if not require) repeat viewings. His films are confusing. You might forget which movie you’re watching. Perhaps you’ll even forget your name.

At the National PopWatch Asylum for Cinemaniacs, they’ve constructed a rudimentary Christopher Nolan flowchart. Print out a copy and carry it with you whenever you think you may be watching a Christopher Nolan film. Think of this flowchart as your own personal tiny spinning top, keeping you grounded in reality, and check it out