Stephen Fry's Interactive Memoir for iPhone

British actor/Twitter hero Stephen Fry releases his memoirs today, titled "The Fry Chronicles". myFry is an innovative iPhone app for interactively exploring Stephen Fry's memoirs.

The entirety of the book is represented by a circular wheel of 'spines', each of which represents a section of text. The arcs around the outside of the wheel connect sections that are tagged with the same theme. By spinning the 112 self-contained sections around, viewing their opening words and following their tags, one can explore the book in a personalized, non-linear structure. Categories are distinguished by color: People, Subjects, Feelings and Fryisms.


Christchurch Earthquake Maps

After the 2010 Canterbury Earthquake, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand, the region has been hit by hundreds of aftershocks - many of them widely felt around Christchurch, and some of which have caused further damage.


The Christchurch Quake Map on this website aims to present a time-lapse visualisation of the earthquake and its aftershocks, primarily to help those outside the affected area understand what those of us in Canterbury are experiencing. It plots earthquake data from GeoNet on a map using the Google Maps API, with the size of the circle denoting the magnitude (the higher the magnitude, the larger the circle) and the colour showing the focal depth (see the legend below the map).

An interactive map (built in ArcGIS) showing damaged infrastructure in and around Christchurch, New Zealand, after Saturday’s magnitude-7.1 earthquake.

Revisit: Real-time Interactive Twitter Visualization

Revisit is a real-time visualization of the latest twitter messages (tweets) around a specific topic. Use it create your own twitter wall at a conference or an ambient display at your company or whatever other idea you come up with. In contrast to other twitterwalls, it provides a sense of the temporal dynamics in the twitter stream, and emphasizes the conversational threads established by retweets and @replies.


Music Sales Data Visualization

Interactive work done by Graphic Design  Matteo Botto from Torino, Italy during semester abroad at the University of Canberra. He created an interactive project by visualizing the data of the global music sales per country in 2007.

The user can zoom and drag the map, show and hide the rulers, highlight the main features and by clicking on the objects the user can visualize the data. The data are: amount of sales, retail value, population, purchase value and purchase amount pro capita.

(Click here to see an interactive graphics)

Optimized Descents

Many flights today are burning unnecessary fuel and creating excess noise because of stairstep descents and extra long flight paths. This visualization shows how GE's flight management system might help to optimize descents, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at three sample airports.

(Click here to see an interactive Java applet)

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