Where the Stuff on the Internet Comes From?

via www.good.is

Every day, thousands of stories are passed around the internet on blogs and via Twitter. A new study by Journalism.org has examined the source of those stories. It turns out, most of them come from old-school media. We may like to share information via Twitter, but the information we share comes from the morning's newspaper. This is a look at where blogs and Twitter users are getting their stories, and what kind of stories their users are most likely to link to.

The Shocking Truth Behind the iPhone-on-Verizon Rumors

You may remember that Apple actually approached Verizon first about being the exclusive iPhone carrier. Verizon, realizing that having a incredibly successful phone would bring network traffic to a screeching halt, wisely said, "Nah, we're cool with the phones we have." So Apple cruised on over to Cingular and hammered out a deal with them. Then Cingular became AT&T, and we all bought iPhones and broke the network in major metropolitan areas.

Anywho, in the interest of posterity, maclife.com have compiled a handy infograph to outline the current status of the iPhone on Verizon below.