Who's Buying Stuff Online and Where?

Not all retailers have the same customer base. Of course, that makes sense. But, have you ever wondered how customer bases varied between sites? Obviously Saks Fifth Avenue is going to attract a different clientele than, say, Walmart, but what about the rest? The graphic below illustrates the differences in customer demographics across North America’s largest online retailers. It takes into consideration factors such as: gender, age, education level, income level, and ethnicity. Some of the findings may be surprising:

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eBay: The World's Marketplace

Today nearly everyone knows eBay. The giant hub of buying and selling on the internet is ubiquitous, appearing in everything from google searches to forum posts. From its birth to its current domination of the collectable and tading markets, the story of eBay is fascinating!

This infographic shows, the growth of eBay has been truly phenomenal (with the possible negative side effect of the political career of one Meg Whitman). eBay enjoys estimated annual sales of $60 billion, with 89.5 million "active" users, enough so that the site would rate as the 13th largest country in the world. Also, who knew what the first sale was?

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Why Do Women Like Shopping?

Women shop for many reasons. Whether they are finding the perfect gift or buying groceries for the family, women tend to spend a lot of time in the stores. It would be a good bet that those women are shopping for others. If you think about all of the things women do for their friends and family, you may just realize why they are so good at shopping. So don't listen to complaints from men about women shopping; what do men know anyway?!

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The Ins and Outs of the Abandoned Cart

The Abandoned Cart: online retailers hate it, and most of us are culprits. Perhaps not surprisingly, in 2009 70% of online shoppers abandoned a cart at least once, leaving retailers frustrated and wondering what they can do better to help secure your purchase. But how much are they leaving in the carts, and what types of sales are retailers missing out on? Here is a comprehensive look at the details surrounding the abandoned cart.

What Kind of Shopper Are You?

Shopping is inevitable; we all have to do it at some time or another. That said, all of us have developed a variety of shopping traits. These traits may come from our personality, limited or robust income, or our relationship with the retail industry as a whole. So the question remains: what kind of shopper are you? Hope is that this checklist will quickly help you come up with the answer: