What They Know

Marketers are spying on Internet users -- observing and remembering people's clicks, and building and selling detailed dossiers of their activities and interests. The Wall Street Journal's What They Know series documents the new, cutting-edge uses of this Internet-tracking technology. The Journal analyzed the tracking files installed on people's computers by the 50 most popular U.S. websites, plus WSJ.com. The Journal also built an "exposure index" -- to determine the degree to which each site exposes visitors to monitoring -- by studying the tracking technologies they install and the privacy policies that guide their use.

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The History of E-commerce

The history of e-commerce is filled with many ups and downs, with dot-com bubbles, dot-com busts, a variety of sales models, and more.  Understanding what has led the e-commerce industry to its current state can help merchants better prepare for the changes ahead, as e-commerce evolves into mobile commerce, social commerce, and so much more.  Above, you will see a detailed visualization of how e-commerce has evolved and shaped the way we do business online.

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eBay: The World's Marketplace

Today nearly everyone knows eBay. The giant hub of buying and selling on the internet is ubiquitous, appearing in everything from google searches to forum posts. From its birth to its current domination of the collectable and tading markets, the story of eBay is fascinating!

This infographic shows, the growth of eBay has been truly phenomenal (with the possible negative side effect of the political career of one Meg Whitman). eBay enjoys estimated annual sales of $60 billion, with 89.5 million "active" users, enough so that the site would rate as the 13th largest country in the world. Also, who knew what the first sale was?

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How The Internet Works?

Almost everyone nowadays uses the Internet. Stuff like Facebook, email, chat, Twitter and YouTube wouldn't be there without the Internet. But while the web is so useful and easy to use these days only a few understand how it functions.

If you have ever wondered about it, it’s time to find out. MakeUseOf.com have made a nice infographic showing exactly how the Internet works.

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The Spotlight on Online Gaming

Online gaming is a technology rather than a genre; a mechanism for connecting players together rather than a particular pattern of gameplay. Over the past 5 years it has grown to become an important part of our online experience. Some people approach online gaming in a casual manner while others get obsessed with online gaming to the point where not much else in their life matters. Don’t be one of those people you hear about on the news who destroys his relationships, his career

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