State of the Internet in Europe

Above go on the the charts, here are some observations about the Internet in Europe:
  • There are 475 million Internet users in Europe (worldwide total is 1.97 billion).
  • Europe has 24.2% of the world’s Internet users.
  • Europe as a whole has almost twice as many Internet users as the United States.
  • The country with the most Internet users in Europe is Germany, with 65 million.
  • The country with the fewest number of Internet users in Europe is the Vatican City State, with a whopping 93 Internet users (and a total population of 829).
  • Ten European countries have more than 10 million Internet users.
  • The average Internet penetration across Europe is 58.4%.
  • The country with the highest Internet penetration in Europe is Iceland, with 97.6%, followed by Norway (94.8%), and Sweden (92.5%). Those are the only three European countries with more than 90% Internet penetration. (For comparison, the United States has an Internet penetration of 77.3%.)
By Internet penetration, we mean the share of the population with Internet access.


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Packet Flight: User vs Youtube

This is a visualization of the network packets of a YouTube video, slowed down 12 times. You can clearly see the handshake, some odd client/server negotiation, and the full ramp-up.

Created using Packet Flight:

Each flying circle represents a network packet. The small green ones are control packets: ACK, SYN, etc. The larger blue ones are data packets.

The data is from a real tcpdump of the first 4 seconds of Rick Astley's music video.

All The Facts About Internet Memes

An infographic presents "all the facts" you ever wanted to know about Internet memes and the sites that host them.

For those who don't know, a "meme" is a cultural idea that "self-replicates and spreads among the people." An online meme can take the form of a video, a catchphrase, a website, a joke, an image, or a parody.

The infographic includes an epic mix of some of the funniest, most popular memes in Internet history. Ever wondered about the origins of the Dancing Baby or the Dancing Hamster? Wonder no more!