Moody's Recovery Status Map


Moody's closely tracks economic conditions in the major economies of the world and summarizes the results on this interactive map. Analysts follow a wide range of indicators to ascertain a country's position in the business cycle. Specifically, we focus on gauges of employment, industrial production and retail sales--high-frequency indicators that capture the breadth of economic activity. Countries where the indicators are dropping are labeled In Recession. Those where declines have slowed are said to be Moderating. Countries where the indicators have begun rising again are Recovering. Economies that have advanced past their previous growth peaks are labeled Expanding.

Connecting European Capitals by Train

Diagram shows the routes by train from London to capitals of Europe. This infographic inspired by the classic Tube map.

The colours of the different lines are largely fanciful, with some faint logic: The red Imperial line connects some of the notable colonial capitals - London, Paris, Rome and Berlin; the light blue line connects Balkan capitals; the dark blue connects the Scandanavian capitals.